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Recent Protests

Sources close to the White Apartment have reported that domestic discontent is on the rise. The Nation of Me’s controversial hug sanctions of July have given rise to increasing malcontentism and schizophrenia among the citizen of the Nation of Me. A large crowd of demonstrators gathered in the Left Brain on Saturday at the UN … Continue reading »

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Red Alert in the Nation of Me

The Nation of Me has been placed on red alert by the President today after a double terrorist attack left citizen shaken and afraid. The Nation was hit by illicit hugs twice today, once shortly after noon, and again at one o’clock. Sources close to the President have suggested that the hugs may have been … Continue reading »

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The Laptop Treaty of 2003

The president is pleased to announce that the long-anticipated agreement between the Nation Of Me and the Nation Of My Cowboy-Boss has finally been signed by both parties. According to this agreement, the Nation Of Me has today received a laptop, in return for which this Nation will continue to provide the Nation Of My … Continue reading »

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The Press Responds

This was pulled from a column by foreign war correspondent Dad, written in response to the recent hug sanctions: Dateline: Dad Nation Once again your correspondent from this peace ravaged nation has seen another attempt by the Nation of Me to usurp the Gawd given rights of the Nations of Them to engage in the … Continue reading »

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Press Conference in the Nation Of Me

Yesterday, the press secretary of the Nation Of Me revealed that sanctions will be placed on nearly all international hug imports. The president has declared that foreign hugs are bankrupting our reservoirs of personal space and aloofness. From now on we will accept hugs from only a few select nations. These nations include the country … Continue reading »

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