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Highlights from 2002


Carthage began in February of 2002. It was an eventful year for me: I moved to San Francisco, got back together with my high school boyfriend, the Lad, and finally overcame my decade-long fear of playing baseball.

Here are a few more highlights from 2002.


I’m in a box! I’m in a box!
A list of stuff I don’t do.

Nobody sees the grannies
In which my coworker forces me to show her my panties.

Viking in the sack
Tragi-comical tale of a boy with no arms.

In New York, you can get Triscuits delivered.
Drunken moaning about the war.

The Book
The terror of reading David Foster Wallace.

An obligatory holiday post
My attempts to reason with a turkey.

Obligatory vegetarian post:
I’m a vegetarian. No, really.