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Highlights from 2012














In 2012, life continued at the same breathless, dramatic pace that has continued to bring all six of you readers here for the last 10 years. (That’s not my baby, though. It wasn’t THAT exciting.) I began to come to terms with living in this house and was later attacked by it, many things went terribly wrong (for some of us), and Gene and my mom and I traveled to London.

Here are some more highlights from 2012:

The real reason
Observations on a little bird.

The Battle
It’s me or the rosebush. (Note: in the 12 months since I wrote this, the rosebush has continued to live and thrive. Sigh.)

Baby steps
Not about babies.

Memories from my childhood, #1
It’s short.

Dad comes to lunch
A knowledgeable consultant explains what has gone wrong with my life.

This is an amusing conversation between Gene and me; not, as you might think, a scathing commentary on the meat-packing industry. Enjoy.

Why I got married
A little peek into marital bliss. Not as stomach-turning as you would expect.

Marketing the illusion of choice.

The poetry in everyday things, and also the poetry seen on the freeway.

Steal this sweatshirt
All his clothes are belong to me.

Some are born great
Gene reveals his true colors.

Things I’ve Got That I Love: The Tea Time Edition
A surprisingly amusing tea-themed post.

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