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Highlights from 2007


In 2007 my writing career began to take off in earnest and I started writing a lot of book reviews on Carthage. I managed to avoid attending my tenth high school reunion, my friend’s wedding, and Gene’s two week trip through Europe, thus leaving myself with next to nothing to blog about.

However, here’s what I’ve got.

Our house after the New Year’s Eve party.

A pre-emptive strike
Embarrassing myself, so Gene doesn’t have to.

Do you love me, now that I can dance?
Well, do you?

Go lie down, stupid.
We are nihilists, Lebowski.

Exposing journalism’s seedy underbelly
Dissecting my first press conference.

In which I am captured by hairdressers
The title pretty much explains it.

On returning from the Castro Safeway
Our neighborhood is a different demographic.

I don’t want to alarm you, but I’m pretty sure the Mayor is in love with me.
More about press conferences.

Cause everyone harbors a secret hatred for the useless-est girl in the room
I cannot fix the toaster.

The California Feeling
A review of an excellent book.

Single mother gets hers
My take on some news.

Gene brings some work home
A comic about our lives, possibly involving murder.