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Highlights from 2008


2008 was a nice darned year. I got a new computer, learned to blame Canada for stuff, told myself a ghost story, visited Disneyland and celebrated my fella’s 30th birthday in style.

Check below for more highlights from 2008.

Best Books of 2007
The title says it all, really.

It’s the headband one, right?
Rocky versus Rambo.

Ogling a cute chihuahua.

The rules
What to wear to a wedding.

Cracker Jack
Gays get married, I get nothin’.

The Wart
Some stuff that worries me.

A review of Burma Superstar’s new sister restaurant.

Lie to get laid
Terrible advice for daters.

A post about my new favorite fabric store.

Fashion Victim
Why are some clothes allowed and some not?