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Highlights from 2010


2010 was one of those ho-hum years. Got married and had one kickass party afterwards, went on a three-week road-trip of a honeymoon, bought a house and moved to Alameda. You know, nothing special.

Here are some more highlights from 2010:

adventures of a housespouse
A Safeway checker goes a little nuts.

Here’s what I know…
Write what you know?

Two more weeks
I locate Gene in literature.

Owning a car and Persian stew.

Pulling random stuff out of old emails
A remembered conversation.

Beer-fueled musings on the nature of being human.

my yellow yes
Why I was finally ready to leave San Francisco.

Haute flea market
We will never be shabby chic.

Happy Wednesday
An important message from Mary Roach.

Boys becoming men, men becoming wolves
Decorating for Halloween.

It’s curtains for you!
Slightly obsessing over window treatments.