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Highlights from 2006


In 2006 I finally graduated from college at the ripe old age of 26. Shortly afterwards, the Lad and I embarked on a ten-week trip to Philadelphia, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Malmo, Copenhagen, Dublin, Prague, Munich, Zurich, Paris, back to London, and New York.

Here are a few more highlights of 2006.

The other side of my job
Ten things you hate about me — or anyway one thing.

How to make friends and influence people and so on
Turning the tables on cat-callers in the Mission.

A foggy day
A brief anecdote from London.

Conversations with Anais
Imaginary discussion using quotes from Anais Nin.

They play the tennis
Oh, those idiot tennis announcers.

Screak: a screeching squeak
What’s the difference between the Lad and the smell of WD-40?

My travels with Michele and Co.
The story of our week on the Oregon coast.

The couple that posts together…
In which the Lad is hospitalized and nobody goes to the beach.

From humble beginnings we built our empire
The story of our first date.

Books vs. Boyfriend
I talk to inanimate objects until the Lad leaves me.

Little House in the Big City
California has its requisite two days of rain and I gloom around like something out of Poe.

Cheeseburger/Blow Job
Two great tastes together at last?

Girlfriend’s book much, much bigger than boyfriend’s book
I outread the Lad.

Blogger has gotten funnier lately, but not that funny
You’ve probably noticed.