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Highlights from 2004

didofoot on mt tam.jpg

In 2004 I moved in with the Lad, quit my job at Berkeley, and reread The Lord of the Rings, because I am a big nerd.

Here are a few further highlights of 2004.

Legs from here to Sunday
Hemlines rise, faces fall.

Dog Dream
My imaginary account of our lives in Tucson.

Wider and wider
Fiction about teeth.

My quiet beach community
In which I meet Adam Durritz.

Ow, my pride
I inexplicably fall off of my own feet.

Hunka broken heater
Our new place, house cleaning, and the poetry of Robert Herrick.

Water and big boobs
In which San Francisco State can’t get no respect.

The Unbearable Triteness of Being (in a relationship with me)
I pretend to be an animal to keep the Lad from leaving.

Our lives in comic form
Artistically rich comic strip about our relationship.