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Highlights from 2009


2009 was a big year for traveling. Gene and I traveled to Europe over the winter holiday, visiting London, Oxfordshire and Warwick Castle. I went to Vegas for Michele’s 30th birthday with a pack of females and Adam, to Disneyland for Christine’s 30th, and to Napa for my 30th. Michele and I took a roadtrip through Forks, WA (the Twilight town, yes). We took a trip on Adam’s houseboat, and another trip on Adam’s houseboat. I traveled to Santa Barbara to watch two of my best friends get married. And Gene and I got engaged ourselves!

Here are some more highlights from 2009:

I spot a Robin Hood-style archer on the street. Sort of.

Dickens of disease?
A list of plant names that sound like diseases and Dickensian characters. Yes, that’s the entire entry.

An embarrassing truth
You know you’re dying to read this one.

Save this paper?
Making fun of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Fly ride
A little boy brings up a good point.

One of the many weird facts about me.

Kate’s husband
Music people versus book people.

Why you can’t buy the world a hamburger.

Let a smile be your umbrella
Deconstructing Mary Poppins.

Does this happen to other women, or…
A little problem.

The Berenstain Bears’ New Baby
In which I learn what my mother really thinks of me.