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The Laptop Treaty of 2003

Posted by on July 9, 2003

The president is pleased to announce that the long-anticipated agreement between the Nation Of Me and the Nation Of My Cowboy-Boss has finally been signed by both parties. According to this agreement, the Nation Of Me has today received a laptop, in return for which this Nation will continue to provide the Nation Of My Cowboy-Boss with flirtatious smiles, charmingly naive commentary and an open market for any and all Chinese myths.

The direct benefit of this agreement to the citizen of the Nation Of Me is the ability to play spider solitaire anywhere. Subsets of “anywhere” include but are not limited to: in bed, at Ward Street, at the ballpark, in a strip joint, in Rwanda, and on the bathroom floor of Macy’s in downtown San Francisco.

The president invites the world to celebrate this exciting moment in history along with the proud citizen of the Nation Of Me.

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