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Mr. Gibbs

I don’t know whether you guys ever watch Robert Gibbs’ press briefings. I would guess you don’t. I like to skim the transcripts occasionally; I find it soothing to see that at least one part of the White House is a lot like it is on West Wing. Here is a small sample from yesterday’s … Continue reading »

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Obvious – Getting a friendly letter from someone you used to know. – The twangy saltburst of Humphrey Slocombe’s pistachio-bacon ice cream. – Riding a motorcycle at twilight. – Men who call you princess. Secret – Calling a motorcycle helmet a hat. – The superhero feeling of walking down a subway car as the train … Continue reading »

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Pregnancy after 35: my notes

I talked to a genetic counselor at Kaiser today about the risks of having a baby after 35. (I want to stress, this conversation was in no way related to my own family plans. I was just curious, and it’s a free service.) I thought I would post my notes for anyone who’s interested in … Continue reading »

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Walking through the Botanical Gardens today

A woman to her friend: “God doesn’t want you to be this happy.” I think she’s wrong.

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New bangs

I look more like my mom every day. YAY!

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For about a year now, everything sent to me via my Carthage contact form was being deleted before I saw it. If you sent me a message via Carthage and I never responded, please re-send.

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A good day

Yesterday I took Strawberry to Fort Mason for the first time. Here you see us looking at the Golden Gate Bridge, and a seagull. Word count: 1,160. The sentence that was waiting for me from my last writing session: “Who knew Roscoe was such a film buff?” I walked to the harbor to watch the … Continue reading »

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When, in the previous entry, I said I saw no blue dicks, I forgot I saw Watchmen that evening.

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We all fall down

When you are trying to write a book about an empty city, you could do worse than pay a visit to the Sutro Baths. Some flowers we saw: Sticky Monkeyflowers Cow Parsnips Some flowers we did not, to my disappointment, see: Shooting Stars Ithuriel’s Spears Cobweb Thistles Blue Dicks Coast Onions Hounds Tongues Tidy Tips

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Strawberry About Town

On top of Buena Vista Park, looking at the tiny hunched spine of the Golden Gate. Word Count: 1. (It was too cold to write, and then I spent like four hours talking to a friendly guy I met and went home. “Oh,” said Lisa worriedly when I told her this story. “Was he…?” “No,” … Continue reading »

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