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Author Archives: didofoot

Nerd gifting

For Christmas I got Gene, among other things, this sticker for his laptop:               “Heh,” he said when he opened it. “That’s cute. Do you know what an attack of opportunity is?” “I get it from context,” I said. “Do you want to know what it is?” “Okay,” I … Continue reading »

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A Very Harry Potter Christmas (Accio Holidays!)

This year we hosted my parents for Christmas dinner. My mom is a Harry Potter nut, I’m quite fond of the books, and my dad has read them all and knows them pretty well, so I decided to have a Harry Potter-themed Christmas this year. (Gene had never read any of them but I was … Continue reading »

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The hitchhiker’s guide to my outfit

Kris: “How do I look?” Gene: “Great!” Kris: “Okay, but do I look cool and hip? Like a hip, cool, hoopy frood?” Gene: “Totally.” Kris: “Do I in fact look like the kind of girl who does not say things like ‘hoopy frood’ and has no idea what that means?” Gene: “Sure.” Kris: “Zarking right … Continue reading »

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A conversation on the freeway

Kris: “Yikes, what’s wrong with that truck?” Gene: “Looks like water pouring out of the container part?” Kris: “Oh, no, it’s a seafood truck! All the ice is melting out the back! Ew! God, I wish I knew where that was going. Well, I guess we just don’t eat any seafood at restaurants for the … Continue reading »

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The gorilla

We had people over for pumpkin carving this weekend and Rachel brought fake tattoos, so I put a gorilla tattoo on my fist and began trying to popularize my new slogan: “You mess with me? You get the gorilla.” I only had a few days before the tattoo wore off so I said it at … Continue reading »

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Moltar! Twenty!

This weekend seven of us went to Angel Island to celebrate the lump of birthdays that occur in October and early November (Erica, Jacob, me, Jason). As if I had not grown up in the Bay Area or had not lived in San Francisco for nearly a decade, I chose to wear only a tank … Continue reading »

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Alienating another member of the service industry

While I was buying stuff at my local Beverly’s Crafts today, I noticed a little book on the checkout counter.  Password Storage! said the cover. Store all your user names and passwords in one handy book! “This is a terrible, terrible idea,” I said to the checkout clerk, indicating the notebooks. “These notebooks may as … Continue reading »

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Someone from the giant apartment building next door threw a fully functional carbon monoxide detector into our yard. They even thoughtfully included a full set of working batteries. On the one hand I am displeased that people feel our yard is a good place to fling their unwanted goods. On the other hand, free stuff. … Continue reading »

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The view from Thursday

“I don’t always stare at my phone, Kristen.” -Michele, staring at her phone

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Knuckle sandwich

Joe has the word “hate” tattooed on the knuckles of each hand. “Shouldn’t one of those say ‘love’?” Michele asked, last time we were all hanging out. “I thought about that,” said Joe, “but if a guy sees this fist coming towards his face and it says ‘love,’ I just feel like it sends a … Continue reading »

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