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Alienating another member of the service industry

Posted by on September 6, 2013

While I was buying stuff at my local Beverly’s Crafts today, I noticed a little book on the checkout counter.  Password Storage! said the cover. Store all your user names and passwords in one handy book!

“This is a terrible, terrible idea,” I said to the checkout clerk, indicating the notebooks. “These notebooks may as well be called Take My Identity — Please!

“Ha,” said the clerk. “Yeah.”

“You should be actively discouraging people from buying these,” I said.

“Totally,” said the clerk, smiling.

“I’m serious,” I said, not smiling.

“Um…here’s your receipt,” said the clerk and turned to the next customer.

On further reflection, I guess I am in favor of these notebooks. If a certain percentage of the population writes down all their passwords in one convenient, easy-to-steal notebook then maybe identity thieves will be less likely to try to access MY stuff. Also, I was going to post a link to them but it turns out that there are millions of kinds. Enjoy.

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