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Bring me the head of Harry Potter, and other Christmas stories

I love this holiday. For one thing I love the decorating. Like the most of families, my family will cheerfully hang on to ornaments that are cracked, ugly, or created by a five year old, purely for their sentimental value. For example, we’ve got a broken Harry Potter ornament, tragically decapitated in a fall last … Continue reading »

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The cure for the common cold

A week ago the Lad and I had both sets of parents to dinner at once. The evening went very well, but at one point I did talk a little about the ways I was being affected by the uncertainty of my job search. “I get depressed some days for no reason,” I said, “and … Continue reading »

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Searching for Eydie?

Anyone looking for Edith Riley, Edie Riley, Eydie Riley, or Eydie Larson should contact eydielarson at yahoo dot com. She grew up in the Syracuse, NY area, and also lived in Dobbs Ferry, NY & Croton-on-Hudson, NY in the late 1960’s.

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Mustard & Peaches

I had a dream about Nuala’s last dog, Sophie. Sophie was a shih-tzu and she made little gurgling grunts like an Ewok when she was pleased; I have rarely been so fond of someone else’s pet. In the dream Nuala and I were sitting in a restaurant and Nuala ordered a hamburger for Sophie. She … Continue reading »

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Appetizers and a silly hat

My folks threw me a graduation ceremony last night. It was frequently referred to as a fake ceremony, but since it focused entirely on me instead of a class of hundreds, I felt it was pretty realistic and merely prefaced the way that the world will no doubt focus on me me me from now … Continue reading »

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Sizzle, Fizzle & Fry, Ltd.

Sitting with my folks one day on the shore of Lake Como, the Moms noticed I was wearing her cross from her days as a Catholic girl. “I’m surprised that doesn’t burn your skin,” she said. I don’t know if my sinning has increased lately or what, but today the cross seems to be gradually … Continue reading »

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The porn shop for girls

Yesterday I went home, Pleasant Hill home, dad and the Moms home, Molly dog home, bees in the garden home, home-cooked meal home, driving home. How can I sell my car? Afternoon sunlight plus exceeding the speed limit is gold. It made me miss the suburbs, because even though I can walk to the bagel … Continue reading »

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hair then eyeball

I slept like a desert last night, shifting and rolling. More dog dreams. My mother’s dogs multiplied to two and then three. We left poor Molly at home and took the other two on a night walk; another nervous black lab, skinny and clenched, and a curly mutt with more hair than eyeball. We set … Continue reading »

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I’ve been dreaming of talking dogs. First I took a train to Paris with Roxie and we chatted about our trip, then last night I was trying to give Molly her dinner and she was insisting that she is always allowed to have salmon. Is she lying, I wondered, but then thought of course not, … Continue reading »

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Sock puppets, but not the Flea kind

My parents finally got a new dog who they’ve named after Sean’s youngest sister. It’s my hope that this mortal insult will make his family return our Scattergories game. So far it’s not working, though it’s possible that neighborhood gossip just hasn’t reached their house yet. Our Molly is another black lab mix, which leads … Continue reading »

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