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Okay, I thought of a reason why I might have woken up sad yesterday and the day before that, which is that on the day before that, my grandpa died. And I didn’t mention it because this is hardly the place for that sort of thing (i.e. things that are serious, things that are private, … Continue reading »

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Gene’s heading off to Europe next week with Clark (his dad). I would go, but, you know, that’s the three week period when New Moon is released on DVD, so it’s just not really a good time for me to be away. One of the many exciting activities they have planned which I am totally … Continue reading »

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Here’s what I know…

“I tried revising my monster book,” I told my dad. “It was awful. Just terrible. It turns out I have a really hard time writing an original monster hunter, since I’ve never been one or met one.” “Write what you know, eh?” my dad said. “I told you that.” “So now I’m writing a book … Continue reading »

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The Berenstain Bears’ New Baby

We walked along the beach, dodging the incoming tide. “I wonder what I’d do if Molly got swept out by a sleeper wave,” my mom mused. “You’d watch her go,” I said sternly. “Well…I could just go grab her.” “You could just get your feet sucked out from under you by a rip tide and … Continue reading »

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Me: “So…uh…Gene asked me to marry him.” Dad: “And what did you say?” Me: “Heh. Yes.” Mom: “This is great! When can I Facebook it?” Always a lady, the modern bride is demure, sweet and feminine.

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Hanging out with my cousins

21st century parenting: “Take my picture!” Nolan demanded. “No, with this.” He took away Zoe’s camera and handed her the iPhone. She obligingly took the picture. “Now Facebook it,” he said. 21st century cousining: “So, do kids bring computers to school?” I asked. “No,” he said, looking up at me oddly. “What about cell phones? … Continue reading »

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A day at the beach

From my perspective: surf soothe kite color sun sky sand ahh From Molly’s perspective: noise people noise people noise people augh

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I went to the beach with my parents today. Always a delight to watch them together. After years of practice, they operate in perfect synchronization even when arguing. When I was young, I assumed I was the purpose of this two-part machine, but now that I’m grown up it’s clear that the machine exists for … Continue reading »

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Little sheep dolls

I’ve inherited a creche from my grandmother, it seems. She died more than a decade ago and since then it’s been mouldering in one of my parents’ closets. However, this year I’ve been struck with holiday fever and when I asked about it the Moms was only too eager to get it out of her … Continue reading »

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No one keeps a cow for a friend, and other good advice

We are approaching the season of giving, only partly because my birthday is on Wednesday, and this year, THIS year, I am determined to get my shopping done early. But of course no one but me knows in October what they might want for Christmas (and if you’re my dad, you might not know until, … Continue reading »

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