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The Berenstain Bears’ New Baby

Posted by on December 2, 2009

We walked along the beach, dodging the incoming tide. “I wonder what I’d do if Molly got swept out by a sleeper wave,” my mom mused.

“You’d watch her go,” I said sternly.

“Well…I could just go grab her.”

“You could just get your feet sucked out from under you by a rip tide and die with your dog.”


“I wonder what you’d do if I got swept out by a sleeper wave?” There was a brief but significant silence. “Mom?” I demanded, horrified.

“Remember to swim parallel to shore, honey.”

4 Responses to The Berenstain Bears’ New Baby

  1. Eydie

    oh, what an evil mom i am!

  2. michele

    excellent post though, maternal failure notwithstanding. although you did advise her how to swim!

  3. Garren Fisher

    Heh… heh… heh…

    I’m quite sure my mother would have said the same thing. In fact, I am not even sure she is aware of the “swim parallel to the shore” tidbit. She probably would have said something like “well, I hear abalone this time of year is delightful.”

    What an informative mother!

  4. michele

    “Wouldn’t you like to go beneath the sea, Kris? To be the selkie’s bride?!?!”

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