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Appetizers and a silly hat

Posted by on January 29, 2006

My folks threw me a graduation ceremony last night. It was frequently referred to as a fake ceremony, but since it focused entirely on me instead of a class of hundreds, I felt it was pretty realistic and merely prefaced the way that the world will no doubt focus on me me me from now on.

Now that I’m a college graduate, I intend to become a more responsible person. To this end, I will be quitting my job shortly to take off on a two-plus-month Grand Tour of Europe with the Lad.* Cities we will visit, in no particular order, are: Munich, Berlin, Prague, London, Warsaw, Malmo (in Sweden), Vienna, New York, and Philadelphia. Upon our return, I will parlay my sparkling new English Lit degree, my lack of marketable skills, my inexperience and my timidity into a dream job of some kind. Failing that, I will live off the Lad’s money until he breaks up with me.

Pictures of the party are here, thanks to Michele. Thank you to everyone who was able to make it (and to Christine and Mike, who tried very hard to make it) and especially to Dad and the Moms, who kept pushing for this even when I dragged my feet and complained in the time-honored tradition of all college graduates.

*I don’t know if any of my work friends read this, but hopefully you won’t tip my hand before I give my actual notice. If you are good I will send you a postcard from glamorous Philadelphia.


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