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Eagle kills, windmills and cinematic thrills

On Saturday, some of us folks gathered for a day-long celebration of Michele being born. We began with a couple of stops at Pleasanton wineries, sometimes called “the poor man’s Napa,” or “the poor man’s poor man’s Bordeaux.” The first winery looked as I expect a winery to look: big tasting room outfitted with plenty … Continue reading »

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On Saturday, six of us went on a limo tour of the wine country for Marina’s bachelorette party. As maid of honor, Michele was in charge of putting this business together, and — as you can see from the photos — she did a bang-up job. Six hour limo trip, wine tasting fees, two hotel … Continue reading »

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Eggs, germs, and a line of cape-wearing Goth kids

I had one of those perfect days yesterday, where food and weather and mood and sports and friends combine to make exactly the right kind of happiness, so good that I don’t even mind coming down with this death cold everyone seems to be passing around. Favorite moments from yesterday’s pre-Easter picnic: Gene spent some … Continue reading »

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The porn shop for girls

Yesterday I went home, Pleasant Hill home, dad and the Moms home, Molly dog home, bees in the garden home, home-cooked meal home, driving home. How can I sell my car? Afternoon sunlight plus exceeding the speed limit is gold. It made me miss the suburbs, because even though I can walk to the bagel … Continue reading »

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The A-SUCK, folk songs, and girls with squeaky voices

My family and I went to the memorial service for free speech being held in Sproul Plaza today. I particularly enjoyed the participation of the ASUC. Now pay attention, Alanis, because this is ironic. The ASUC recently gave our own Holohan a cartload of grief over his campaign speech, yet today they were proudly blahing … Continue reading »

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Tardball Rules, if you care

If I’ve gotten any of these wrong, let me know. From new to old: 1. The Tricky Mark Rule: Mark may switch teams at will. He is not required to announce his allegiance at any point. 2. The Double-Bat Rule: One outfielder may wield a second bat. If the outfielder hits a ball (not necessarily … Continue reading »

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My time with Maggie

The first night she was here, we went to a bar with the Sean(e) crowd. I had carefully arranged to have an event going on so that she would know how I am happening and fun and have many likeable friends. (Later I blew this casual coolness by accidentally referencing the fact that I had … Continue reading »

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It was write this or write my essay.

After canoeing yesterday I managed to leave my shoes in The Lad’s car, so when Jacob’s car dropped me off at my intersection I got to walk across Market and Castro followed by a trail of amazed comments re: my barefootedness. The best was from two apparent tourists, one of whom, breathlessly solemn, told her … Continue reading »

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I’m in a box! I’m in a box!

It’s been awhile since I’ve chronicled anything and I’m kind of rusty. Even my journal has stopped…my interior world which used to be all I had has suddenly turned external, and now I find myself concerned only with things like asparagus covered in feta, or card games at night, or new sheets. It makes me … Continue reading »

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I go out walkin’

I ate lunch in my favorite cafe in Berkeley today. My favorite used to be Nefeli of course, but the Sicilian got that in the divorce. He also got to keep the cat (which is fair as it nominally belonged to our roommate, even though it spent all its time with me), my comforter (which … Continue reading »

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