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The A-SUCK, folk songs, and girls with squeaky voices

Posted by on October 8, 2004

My family and I went to the memorial service for free speech being held in Sproul Plaza today. I particularly enjoyed the participation of the ASUC. Now pay attention, Alanis, because this is ironic. The ASUC recently gave our own Holohan a cartload of grief over his campaign speech, yet today they were proudly blahing about their commitment to keeping the free speech movement alive. (Everyone involved resolutely ignored the dessicated corpse of said free speech movement, which was being eaten by dingoes in one corner of the Plaza.)

We had our revenge on your behalf, though, Holohan. I and a bunch of original hippies were sitting on the steps in front of Sproul and were continually harassed by the ineffectual sorority-shod staff of the ASUC to move somewhere else “because we have to, um, keep this area clear? For, um, safety? So is it okay if you, um, go somewhere else?” No one did move though. Free speech might be dead but we’ll be damned if we’re going to shift our acid flashbacking bones just to please a couple of tarted up Cindis who think they understand political activism. It was like our very own sit-in. It was inspiring. From now on, no one is going to interfere with my right to sit on cold concrete and listen to folk songs! And I mean no one! And Holohan, you go ahead and say fuck all you want, because the ASUC is going down!

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