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Tardball Rules, if you care

Posted by on June 12, 2003

If I’ve gotten any of these wrong, let me know. From new to old:

1. The Tricky Mark Rule: Mark may switch teams at will. He is not required to announce his allegiance at any point.

2. The Double-Bat Rule: One outfielder may wield a second bat. If the outfielder hits a ball (not necessarily on the fly), the runner must reverse direction. The runner can return to home and bat again when his or her turn comes up, or may continue on to third base. This means there will sometimes be two runners on a base who have come from opposite directions.

3. The Double-Ball Rule: After the batter hits a ball, the pitcher may throw a second ball anywhere to get a runner out. This obviously is not allowed when pitching to your own team.

4. The Tagball Rule: If you throw the ball at the runner and the runner is hit, that runner is OUT.

5. The Bum-Rush Rule: The pitcher can body-block a runner who is running from 3rd to home, in an attempt to prevent the runner from reaching home before being tagged out.

6. THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE: Play tardball, not hardball.


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