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Gene and I went to the Albany Bulb on Sunday, seeking to escape the relentless techno and cheesy announcer at the Castro Street Fair. The Bulb, if you do not know, is a former landfill for construction equipment. Once it stopped being used, people began making art from the scraps. Now you can go wander … Continue reading »

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Too soon?

Overheard at Pleasant Hill BART. First BART cop: “I swear to God, I almost shot this guy. I mean, I literally almost pulled the trigger. Wanted to.” Second BART cop, laughing: “I hear you, man. Yeah.”

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Summer in San Francisco

Happy weekend, y’all. (Michele took the one in the hat.)

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You missed Lombard Street being turned into a giant Candyland board…what are you going to miss next? If you’re smart, the answer will not be “the Caspian Hat Dance show at Ashkenaz tonight.” Caspian Hat Dance is Allen’s band (come on, you remember Allen: smart, pretty, moved to Amsterdam? Hell, four of my six readers … Continue reading »

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First two rows may get wet

Attended my first Calshakes performance of the year last night. It must be summer. A short list of reasons why you ought to see this production of Romeo and Juliet: 1. They are not skimping on the fake blood, especially when 2. Romeo kills Tybalt by beating his head in with a chair. I was … Continue reading »

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List of Requirements

Stuff you must do when staying at your childhood home: 1. Read all your old yearbooks. Illustrative Example “Kristen. You are the only one of your friends that I like, and one of only 3 that I would nail.” 2. Play with your old toys. Sunbathe. Concurrently. Illustrative Example 3. Finish your story already (plus … Continue reading »

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Spring Makeover

Blow-dry hair. Tanning booth. Plenty of rest. Healthful exercise. Exfoliate feet with baseball diamond. More makeover tips.

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Fun in Port Costa

We had Gene’s 30th birthday party at the Warehouse Cafe in Port Costa on Saturday. I had a great time, and learned some things about myself, just like a sitcom character would have. For example: even when not drunk, I will cheerfully talk to just about anyone about my new bra. I also learned I … Continue reading »

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Birthday at the JuJu

Gene and I attended Ian’s birthday bash at the Lucky JuJu last night. This sounds like it might be a dive bar on 24th Street, but it’s actually a pinball arcade in Alameda which Ian’s lovely wife rented out for two whole hours of free play. The games at the arcade range from old-school mechanical … Continue reading »

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I’m dog-sitting in Pleasant Hill for a couple of weeks. When idly checking for something to do out here, I was surprised to find a motherlode of options. It’s like there’s this whole, awesome Stars Hollow town under the featureless suburb I remember from my younger years. For example, on Saturday, I will be attending … Continue reading »

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