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First two rows may get wet

Posted by on June 18, 2009

Attended my first Calshakes performance of the year last night. It must be summer.

A short list of reasons why you ought to see this production of Romeo and Juliet:

1. They are not skimping on the fake blood, especially when

2. Romeo kills Tybalt by beating his head in with a chair.

I was the only one laughing out loud when that happened, but I know plenty of you were laughing on the inside.

Some more reasons:

1. The Calshakes grounds, as you know, are lovely, ringed by fragrant eucalyptus trees and with plenty of space for picnics. It’s a pleasure to watch the light fade over the hills, especially when

2. Romeo is beating Tybalt’s head in with a chair.

“Do you think they’ll act out a little deflowering before the morning-after scene?” I whispered to Gene during intermission. “With a little fountain of fake blood?” Then I did some sound effects. But it was a wonderfully romantic evening in spite of my efforts, what with our gourmet picnic, our microbrew beer and Romeo hitting Tybalt in the face with that chair six or eight times.

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