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Posted by on August 20, 2009

You missed Lombard Street being turned into a giant Candyland board…what are you going to miss next?

If you’re smart, the answer will not be “the Caspian Hat Dance show at Ashkenaz tonight.” Caspian Hat Dance is Allen’s band (come on, you remember Allen: smart, pretty, moved to Amsterdam? Hell, four of my six readers went to college with him) and they are in town TONIGHT ONLY (and some other nights, but you already missed those), and they are, no kidding, fantastic. They make you want to dance and shout and cry at the same time.

Run do not walk to this show. (But actually do walk, and maybe even amble and stop somewhere for dinner, because it’s only 12:40 now and it doesn’t start until 9.)


This is not my genius idea.

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