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Monthly Archives: March 2003

This one is mostly not about war

Someone found my page by searching for “How to stop thinking about sex.” heh heh heh. CAN’T BE DONE! (that’s the joke, you see.) Don’t make war on Iraq the end.

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Didofoot Reads The News, Part 2

See Part 1 “The United States acknowledged it might have killed some civilians with air strikes after 14 people were reported dead in missile attacks on a Baghdad housing block. “A statement issued by the US Central Command stopped short of confirming the deaths reported by Iraqi officials but blamed Baghdad for placing military weapons … Continue reading »

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Playing with matches

“A surgical assistant at the Saddam hospital in Nassiriya, interviewed at a marine check point outside the city, said that on Sunday, half an hour after two dead marines were brought into the hospital, US aircraft dropped what he described as three or four cluster bombs on civilian areas, killing 10 and wounding 200.” – … Continue reading »

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WHOOO! It’s just for dekarashun.

As soon as I posted that last part, I started hearing yelling outside. It was not the normal yelling that I hear every night, of the “WHOOO!” variety intended to indicate a good time.* No, this was the more protesty kind of yell. I threw on a sweatshirt over my lounging pajamas** and hotfooted it … Continue reading »

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Preaching to the choir for catharsis

When I talk to people who are not the We and hear how little how little how little they notice or care about this war, I am moved to finally employ my powers as the god of fish and cause all the finned and flippered creatures to come flopping out of the seas the rivers … Continue reading »

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Irrelevant stuff, but why do you come here otherwise?

Watching a news reporter when the camera isn’t on them is an extremely edifying exercise, especially if you can catch the transition between off-camera and on-. It makes you realize that these people are not your friends and they are not stalwart warriors in search of truth. They’re just actors. And last night I saw … Continue reading »

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Jesus was never lost

I found Jesus at the peace march today. He was dressed in a long white robe and beard and carried a sign that said “Who Would Jesus Bomb?” “The moneylenders!” I said, but this did not appear to be the answer he was looking for. I admired his Nikes. If you, like me, were wondering … Continue reading »

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Yesterday I went and listened to the speechifying in Sproul Plaza for about fifteen minutes but it proved unedifying. Likewise dis-educational were my fifteen minutes with CNN and my half hour with NPR. Also every conversation/email/BBS I’ve had/read about the whole deal. Except one conversation with my professor-boss this morning. He gave me a website … Continue reading »

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Who is this is?

Who is

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Didofoot reads the news

Yesterday, the leader of the U.K. House of Commons resigned, citing as his reason the U.K.’s continued official support of the American war on Iraq. When asked to comment, the White House Press Secretary said, “We believe that American participation in this war is vital, even as it was in WWII. This war in fact … Continue reading »

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