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Playing with matches

Posted by on March 25, 2003

“A surgical assistant at the Saddam hospital in Nassiriya, interviewed at a marine check point outside the city, said that on Sunday, half an hour after two dead marines were brought into the hospital, US aircraft dropped what he described as three or four cluster bombs on civilian areas, killing 10 and wounding 200.” – Guardian/UK, full article.

I know this is being beaten into the ground, but bombing military targets in a city means bombing civilians. There is no building in any city anywhere that stands surrounded by a swath of nothingness. All these buildings are surrounded by houses or offices or other civilian architecture.

I’m wearing a black armband out of the house today to signify my moral superiority. It’s nice to have such a simple, tangible symbol of my basic betterness. There should be colored armbands for all kinds of superiority – intellectual, physical, technological…

I feel like I’m only talking to a few of you. I suspect most of you are skipping these blogs altogether, either because you’re bored by the excess war coverage or just don’t want to think about it, or, most likely, you are reading real info from people who know shit about shit. And those of you who are reading them already have all the information I’m putting up. But hopefully everyone is reading Salam Pax.


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