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Playing with matches

Posted by on March 25, 2003

“A surgical assistant at the Saddam hospital in Nassiriya, interviewed at a marine check point outside the city, said that on Sunday, half an hour after two dead marines were brought into the hospital, US aircraft dropped what he described as three or four cluster bombs on civilian areas, killing 10 and wounding 200.” – Guardian/UK, full article.

I know this is being beaten into the ground, but bombing military targets in a city means bombing civilians. There is no building in any city anywhere that stands surrounded by a swath of nothingness. All these buildings are surrounded by houses or offices or other civilian architecture.

I’m wearing a black armband out of the house today to signify my moral superiority. It’s nice to have such a simple, tangible symbol of my basic betterness. There should be colored armbands for all kinds of superiority – intellectual, physical, technological…

I feel like I’m only talking to a few of you. I suspect most of you are skipping these blogs altogether, either because you’re bored by the excess war coverage or just don’t want to think about it, or, most likely, you are reading real info from people who know shit about shit. And those of you who are reading them already have all the information I’m putting up. But hopefully everyone is reading Salam Pax.


37 Responses to Playing with matches

  1. tracy

    I live for your blog. Especially now. Thanks!!

  2. kt!

    i think it’s salaam pax. peace peace, right?

    of course i am reading this. and i love that now you are illustrated. for me it is not about “knowing shit about shit,” since it’s all shit, war is shit; for me it is about knowing how good my friends are, that WE wouldn’t do this to other people, that we’re thinking, compassionate beings, and if we can just overthrow the imperialist state and create the ideal anarchic utopia, peace is possible.

  3. jade

    these sites are my refuge. i can speak my mind and read what others like me are thinking. hearing anti-war sentiments is actually a depressingly rare occassion in my part of the world and CH has given me a chance to express my views and not feel so alone.

    powerless still, but at least not alone.

    apparently intelligence and integrity are rare gifts and the “moral majority” haven’t a fuck’s clue what the hell they’re talking about.

  4. Jolie

    I would like to echo the thoughts above. I enjoy your insight and the perspective that you offer. I’m feeling pretty disillusioned right now. And it’s sad, but comforting, to know that the people I’ve surrounded myself with feel it too. I think that we’re all kind of floundering, searching for answers and trying to find our roles in all of this.

  5. jason

    I’m reading.

  6. kati

    Here here.

    Your willingness to speak your mind is a reason I read these blogs. I personally don’t know what to do or how to feel right now, and I can’t even find the right words to say that. Your efforts do not go unappreciated.

  7. sean

    I’m not reading shit. Or commenting on shit.

    Dude, you would be so jealous of my armband if you knew what color it was.

  8. kt

    well, then, Sean, i’d say you must have a GREEN ARMBAND!

    fucking mick. i would like all flounders, as per Jolie’s comment and Kristen’s fish-summoning, to flop my way and i will arbitrarily hand out roles. for instance, You, Jolie, you can be the brigadier. i’m not sure what a brigadier does, but we’re going to need a good one when the revolution comes.

  9. kati

    Can I have a role, too? I don’t know what mine is. Now that Jolie’s the brigadier and all, I guess that’s out.

  10. didofoot

    thanks guys. you ALL get black armbands, except sean. i go now to change salem to salaam.

  11. Jolie

    ooh ooh, I’ve always wanted to be a brigadier! …I think.

  12. sean

    i call sergeant at arms.

  13. didofoot

    you need a handlebar mustache for that one.

  14. jason

    I will handle concessions.

  15. gene

    I read. I enjoy. I appreciate.

    I would like to be Lance Corporal Wood

    (what a great domain name)


  16. jade

    oooh! can i be the sergeant in charge of propaganda?!

    either that or the damsel in distress.

  17. erica

    i like it, jade! how about we be the damsels of propaganda together? just a thought.

    p.s. kristen, i am blown away by the carthage lately. keep up the good work, my pajama-clad friend.

  18. kt cain

    Kati, you can be 2nd Head of the Two-Headed Hydra-at-Arms, known more popularly as the High Queen of Insurrection Katie V.

    I get to be first head because I’m older.

    Of course, the title doesn’t actually mean we get to rule the insurrection. That would be SO not anarchist. But we do get to have two heads.

  19. the older one

    Here’s what you all need to do – work your asses off for almost any candidate in 2004 so we can get this shit-for-brains out of office.

    I know how tempting it is to say that the whole process sucks, but really, outside of real revolution, this is the best way. You guys with passion and energy are what we need to help elect someone with some knowledge of how the world works.

    After all, it’s your future.

  20. didofoot

    well i know ktv for one IS talking about real revolution…

  21. jade

    we would try to get this shit-president out of office, but he wasn’t even elected in the first place.

  22. kt

    yeah, eydie, i actually am talking about the overthrow (or undermining) of the state.

    which means “working my ass off” so some rich white guy in a suit with a blue tie instead of a red one can rule me as well as the free world, and bomb whom he likes with impunity, ranks really high on my lists of things never to do with my very short and precious life.

    but you know, whatever floats your boat.

  23. vibe check!

    …and i meant that in the nicest way imaginable. “whatever floats your boat, because you are a really nice and smart lady, and also a great girl scout leader, and i respect you.” there.

  24. kt

    …and several days later, and not on this thread, but as per the original post:

    looks like the civilian deaths are at 500, as per the website in your sidebar. that is something to think about.

    think of it in yr own special, prayerful/mournful/angry way; the way they put the bully child on time out, to “think about what she’s done!” though we didn’t mean to be, we are all bully children now.

  25. sean

    I don’t know if I follow that one. We’re all in time out? We’re all bullies? I’m not happy about what the US government is doing in Iraq, and really, a great deal of places in the world, but I also don’t feel personally responsible. Kind of like it was unfair when nobody got to go to recess because one kid talked during silent reading. Of course, maybe we all bore some culpability for the recess-reading-industrial complex that resulted.

    I believe there are a lot of fundamental problems with the state. I also believe that, even given those problems, the rate of Iraqi civilian death would be less if the rich white men in blue ties running the state weren’t oil company executives who’d been planning Saddam’s ouster since the mid-90s.

    Clinton bombed Iraq every day for the last two years of his term, so it’s not like Democrats have much in the way of moral high ground. That being said, I think supporting the lesser of two evils is often a valid and pragmatic choice.

  26. kt

    Yeah, I figured it was dangerous territory to actually imply that we were somehow responsible for the faults of the government we pay to uphold and maintain. (But we are.)

    I am SO not interested in being your moral conscience, tho–so if you want to vote blue-tie, baby, get some donkeys printed on the sides of those mm sexy sexy missiles and let’s go!

    I say, if you’re going to support evil, why not go all the way! I’m voting the Bush-and-Saddam ticket next fall. Democrats are going to lick our shiny boots.

  27. sean

    I think there could be less foreigner death than there currently is, even with our hopelessly flawed American chastised bully government and society in place. Within the spectrum of “evil,” there’s better and worse. Even compared to other rich white guys in suits who will bomb with impunity, I submit that George Bush is at the extreme high end of the killing-foreigner spectrum. And while you (kt) and I are probably in a great deal of agreement about fundamental problems with our imperialist government (or, say, having a government at all), I’m not prepared to say that Democrats and Republicans are exactly alike, or that there’s no difference between voting for red-tie Bush and blue-tie Democrat du jour. At least blue tie probably isn’t a former oil company executive.

    Blue tie dude is not ideal. But I think he’d would be better. I can sympathize with taking a moral stance, but pragmatically, I’m not sure what the benefit is of voting for a candidate with no chance of winning.

    Voting is different, though. I guess I’m not arguing you have to volunteer for those tie-wearing fucks.

  28. kt

    o sean, is it really so nice you have to say it twice?

    a fine restatement and synthesis, baby. i continue to insist that in choosing between evils, i always select the greater. i say it�s pathetic, to own half the nukes in the world and pretend like you don�t want to use them. �oh, I just want abortion rights for my interns.� (sissy.) fact is, anyone who wants to rule the world, is going to fuck you up good.

    so i say, think big. killing fewer people overseas, while pretending to give a shit about your countrymen�s welfare, is far too lame. i want a president with brawn. i want a man who�s not afraid to rule the free world�that�s right, rule the free world!�with a mighty fist and an infinite arsenal. we have these tools. why waste them on mr. nice guy over there? he just wants to milk out your taxes, so he can be popular, and maybe get laid.

    and that�s why i�m voting for saddam. he�s got charisma and style up the wazoo, and you know he�s just kicking it in cancun right now, waiting for things to blow over, printing up �vote for me or i�ll kill you, motherfucker� buttons.

    however, if he refuses the honor from us heathens, i�m voting for willie brown, a great leader who once said, �It doesn�t matter who said what. I�m the commander in chief of this goddamn place.�

  29. sean

    Well, then, good luck smashing the apparatus of state through rhyme.

  30. gene

    .. ZING! …

  31. kt


    how come i never get it when sean insults me, and gene chimes in, “zing!”

    is it because i wilfully ignore my own dumbassery? is it because gene only says “zing” when he *senses* a zing, rather than actually understanding it? or is it because sean’s sense of humor requires this elaborate logical scaffolding which i’m too lazy (and hungover) to climb?

  32. gene


  33. sean

    .. ZING! …

  34. kt

    F4: Honest to a fault…that fault being the crack down your MF skull, MF, you best MF check yourself before you MF insult me like that, mr. “i’m sean’s cheerleader, woo-woo-woo” MF p___y computer boy.

    trying to clean up my language,

  35. kt

    and sean, if you knew what was coming for you, you’d put down that sandwich right quick.

  36. gene

    Iss just fo’ dekarushunz, thats it and thats all.

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