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Here Comes Trouble

Posted by on February 6, 2009

Adam: So…why aren’t you coming to Vegas, again?

Gene: I think I like to do different things at Vegas than this crew will. Vegas is about vice. It’s about drinking and gambling and tits. It’s about getting into trouble.

Kris: You don’t think that combining drinking, strippers and your girlfriend on the same trip would lead to trouble?

Gene: Wrong kind.

Kris: Ah.

Yes, friends, in just a few short hours I leave for a weekend in Vegas to celebrate the birth of my best Michele. We shall be seven girls and Adam, and together we shall rule the strip with our estrogen power! And Adam!

I do not have an interest in seeing tits in Vegas, it’s true. However, I find I am craving a lavender-lit room, soft music, and a soothing $200 spa massage from a handsome, dark-complected man who is maybe named Raoul.

But probably I will just drink a lot.


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