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Die with a T

Posted by on January 21, 2009

I lost a little weight on our trip, god knows how, and since then have been indulging in a diet rich in salads and lean meats rather than my previous diet of cheese, chocolate and bread. I’m curious to know whether I can get back down to the weight I was when I started high school, and what that would look like. Was I scary-skinny in high school? I don’t think so, but who can tell under all that flannel?

This website tells me that if I keep eating fewer calories than I burn (a big ‘if’), I’ll hit my target weight by April. April! Who can wait that long for results? By April I’ll have forgotten all about this dieting stuff.

I am considering listing my extra pounds on Craigslist. Someone must want them. We once sold a pile of concrete blocks to a lady for $10, so clearly people will take just about anything off your hands. (Or, in this case, hips.)


Sing it, cat.

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