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Fashion victim

Posted by on November 26, 2008

In my recent fashion explorations, I’ve noticed something: you can wear almost anything if you are willing to spend way too much money on it. Designer labels have all kinds of awesomeness that I would totally wear, but if I spent that much money on one item of clothing I would have to stab myself. I have heard Christine describe this sensation very well: these are items where, if you lose them, you die a little inside because of how much money is sitting back on that subway seat.

But my trouble is this: I often find similar things for like $20 at places like Forever 21 or even less at thrift stores. To me, a sequined mini is a sequined mini, never mind how much it cost, but I think fashionable people often see differences invisible to me.

Take, for example, this $226 Vera Wang thing which I would look so great in I bet:


So why can’t I buy this sequined mini from Forever 21 for $17.80, throw a gray sweater over it and call it fashion?


Or, in this corner, an Alice + Olivia dress (can’t find it for sale, but similar dresses from this brand seem to hover around $400):


Versus this dress, again from Forever 21, for $27.80:


I know part of it is that I don’t like stuff until it’s been around and I’ve seen it on everyone else, because then I feel like I can wear it and still blend in, which is my most favorite thing to do. And last year’s fashion is today’s Forever 21 rack. So maybe the reason you’re not supposed to buy the cheap version is that it’s already out of date. Is that the only reason? Or am I missing something? Should I even be thinking about all this when I need to go find a good recipe for crescent rolls?

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