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London in December

Posted by on October 29, 2008

It’s official: the plane tickets are bought, the packing anxiety is begun, Gene and I are spending Christmas in Europe.

We’ll be spending most of our trip in England, visiting various friends, followed by a week with friends in Munich. But even with all our thousands of fans over there, we find ourselves with some time on our hands.

I put it to you: where does one go when one is at loose ends in England in December? We’ll already be visiting Oxford and maybe Cambridge, so we don’t want to go either of those places. Gene would like to explore the area around London, but…what is there, around there? Bath? What else? I’d be happy to hear suggestions.

One thing: much as I’d love to go farther afield, like to Scotland or Paris, I don’t think it’s going to happen on this trip. And as much as there is for us to see and do in London on our own, I think it’ll be better for us to get out of town and out of Dan’s hair while he studies. So we’re looking specifically for places we can take a mini-break that are near but not too near London.

And now I’m just going to sit back and buy some sweaters while the three people who read my blog think it over for me.


Ow, my frostbite!

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