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Posted by on October 14, 2008

As an agoraphobic living in a really great city, I have to work to find reasons to take myself out of the house or risk wasting the awesomeness that surrounds me. So I was thrilled when Christine introduced me to Britex Fabrics.


To start with, this is just off Union Square. I like anything that is downtown, because when you take MUNI downtown, you never miss your stop. You simply cannot. Just look out the window: are you in a tunnel? If so, this is not your stop. If you are not in a tunnel, the train pauses a good several seconds while you peek out from behind your book and read the station signs. It’s great.

To second with, it’s a four-story fabric store. Entering a fabric store means you are surrounded by rich colors and textures, instantly returning you to childhood, when those were the only things that mattered. (Seriously. I was recently watching Michele’s little nephew, surrounded by toys and only interested in playing with his grandmother’s soft red sock.) A fabric store is like a museum full of great Surrealist paintings that you can rub against your face and don’t have to invent opinions about.

Third with, the store is staffed by really nice ladies of all ages who help you find stuff, suggest other stuff, don’t make you feel dumb for not really knowing what you want, and wink at you for no real reason. It makes you feel loved.


This store actually satisfies all my requirements for a get-out-of-the-house outing: I can get there easily, there’s no specific time I need to arrive or leave, and I can walk around looking at stuff at my own speed, without inconveniencing anyone else. Also, you can leave without buying something, although I did accidentally get bullied into buying a super-strength glue that causes cancer. (I won’t be using it, but Gene is really excited to own it, so that’s ok, I guess.)

Even if you don’t have outing needs, you should make a note of this place if you’re planning to create your own Halloween costume this year, because I feel confident that here you will find inspiration, advice and the materials to make it happen.


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