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Every time a bell rings

Posted by on September 15, 2008

My dad and I were having lunch at Baghdad Cafe a few hours ago when a group of over a hundred (and I am going to guess WELL over a hundred) Hell’s Angels showed up for a lunchtime floor show. (Side note: How weird is it that they have a web site and my dentist does not? P. D. weird.) We watched as hundreds of members of the alleged gang sped past us down Market Street, ignoring the traffic lights and speed limits, as they mourned the murdered leader of their blah blah blah shiny loud motorcycles!

About here is where I would put the pictures I took of the ride using my cellphone camera, but unfortunately I have not yet taken the time to figure out how to use it. D’oh. Judging from what I saw today, I think I know what the Hell’s Angels would have to say to that:


SFist has a photo of the group on the freeway here, which comes from this flickr user.

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