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Open and Close

Posted by on August 27, 2008

12 Galaxies closes its doors tomorrow. The club was one of the better venues in the Mission according to my own rating system: there are plenty of places to be where you don’t have to press your chest against someone’s back; there’s a mezzanine for standing around looking cool without being in the crowd; and they regularly hosted excellent local acts, including several of my friends.

12 Galaxies, as everyone knows, was named for Frank Chu, one of SF’s favorite faces. Chu carries a sign which, when I first started seeing him around back in 99 or 00, said:





The sign changes regularly but the number of galaxies stays the same. Meanwhile, Chu, as I heard it, was welcome to have free drinks at the bar, and occasionally announced an act in a rambling and disjointed sort of way.

A moment of silence for the guiltied rocket society, fallen to the demands of poverty at last.

In other news, our very own city aquarium, the California Academy of Sciences, opens next month after some serious remodeling. It’s not the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but it offers a nice variety of wildlife, dead and alive, and plenty of informational exhibits to bore your kids with. I just like to look at the fish and skulls and stuff. The Academy opens on September 27, and I think I will be spending my birthday there. Open invitation to anyone who wants to take October 17 off to join me.

Incidentally, Gene and I recently visited the Monterey Aquarium and Gene took some lovely pictures, which you’ll find here.


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