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Summer Camp

Posted by on August 26, 2008

Girls learn about health, beauty at spa camp

Oh, the things that happen at summer camp – and what a camp Daron ran for tweens this summer in Marin: a ‘spa campaign,’ or beauty school that sought to teach girls about health and beauty from the inside out.

While other children were finishing sessions at tennis camp, science camp or Bible camp, a handful of girls in the affluent Marin County enclave – the daughters of financiers, engineers, consultants and the like – were learning about the benefits of footbaths with warm water, lavender and sea salt; honey, sea salt and ground ginger foot scrub; and foot massages with olive oil and avocado paste. Manicures followed on Tuesday, lessons on sunscreen on Wednesday, yoga and meditation on Thursday, and more massage treatments – for anyone the girls wanted to bring in and practice their new skills on – on Friday.

Girls who wished to stay for the second week of camp were treated to classes in Brazilian wax jobs. “Beauty comes from the inside out,” said camp founder Daron, “and we need to get those hair follicles to come from the inside out.” She added, “It’s never too early to learn that your newly-grown pubic hair is repulsive to men.”

“Remember, beauty comes from the inside out,” Daron said, pushing back one camper’s cuticles. “Wait, which one is the inside and which is the outside? I always forget.”

Later, the girls made lo-cal s’mores and took turns ostracizing the least attractive members of the group.


This is not my summer camp.

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