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Phone Home

Posted by on August 19, 2008

Gene finally caved and bought an iPhone. So if you were betting that he’d hold onto his primeval Nokia phone held together with a rubber band forever, you owe someone some money.

Getting the iPhone means we’re both on the AT&T network now, which means I, too, had to give up my primeval Nokia phone for something with a bit more flash. It’s not that I want flash, exactly — it’s just tough to find the tin-can-and-string-era phones I’ve been using until now.

The whole process has been kind of surreal, actually. First, Gene is buying a new phone, and not just new to him, but NEW. To get it we had to actually go down to the AT&T store, where we also picked out my phone from the ten or so ordinary ones on offer.* I kept waiting for Gene to be weirded out by the situation — after all, the selection is much wider if you’re shopping at, say, the internet; plus, being followed around by a salesman has never been Gene’s favorite thing — but he gritted his teeth and stuck it out.

So now I have this flashy little number:


It’s my first camera phone. Naturally, I’m taking it very seriously. I’d like to have some kind of a theme to my caller-ID pictures. But what? Everyone in masks? Everyone holding a sign saying who they are? I’m looking for ideas. And remember that you will probably be asked to engage in whatever photo behavior you suggest.

*I should mention, I could have gotten an iPhone also but for various reasons I don’t want one.

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