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Clean living

Posted by on June 9, 2008

Sometimes I rather plaintively ask Gene why we can’t have a house cleaner come in a couple of times a month, and then he says “Would a house cleaner cost me as much as you do?” and we both laugh and it’s all very cute*.

But anyway, a few weeks ago I finally hit saturation point and was curious as to what color the tiles on the bathroom floor were originally, so I got down and did some serious dirt removal about the love pad. The result was delightful: shining and dustless and really very pleasant to hang around in.

What was Gene’s reaction, you ask? Well, as soon as he got home from work, he looked around, smiled, and proceeded to buy a whole new sound system from a guy on craigslist. So now my computer, once soundless, emits sound on kickass speakers and is attached to other speakers in the kitchen, so I can download the whole soundtrack to, for example, Footloose, and listen to it while I make toast.

I don’t know what lesson you’re taking from this, but it seems clear to me that cleaning once annually yields exciting results. I think I’ve found a timeline I can live with.

*or adjective of your choice.


This is not my housewife. But seriously, how awesome would I look in this dress?

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