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Posted by on May 19, 2008

A few weeks ago, our top-floor neighbor’s sink overflowed and all the apartments below him, including ours, had water damage. Ours was pretty minimal, though the port-a-potty smell of wet drywall did linger for several days.

Today I began smelling the faintest whiff of port-a-potty again and notified both the upstairs neighbor (who is also the building manager) and the company that runs the building. This was the first they’d heard of the leak, which means I may have just gotten my very nice building manager into hot water. Hot leaky water. If he gets in trouble and blames me, we may have to move. But probably he won’t, as the lady at the management office didn’t seem too concerned. Then again, why would she be? After all, she’s not the one whose home office smells like toilet.



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