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Free Stuff!

Posted by on April 22, 2008

Those of you who have begun to enjoy taking the torturous path through our household labyrinth of broken televisions, various computers and general clutter will be disappointed to hear that I am indulging in some spring cleaning. For the rest of you, coming over is about to become fun again.

As often as we march, ladies, we never seem to be able to take back the night. But by God I am going to take back the apartment if it kills me.

The first wave of stuff was cleared out yesterday, and I emerged with a few giveaways. Katy has first dibs on the rugs if she wants them, but if she passes then any of you are welcome to them:

Small rug, 40″ long by 23″ wide, not counting fringe. Comes with no-slip mat cut to size.


Medium rug, 63″ long by 45″ wide, not counting fringe. Comes with no-slip mat cut to size.


Michael Graves coffee maker. This makes about 6 cups. It works fine, but the hot plate heats up slowly — it takes about half an hour for the coffee to be hot.


Watch this space, as I will continue to post giveaways as the cleaning progresses. I’m also getting rid of several bags of men’s and women’s clothing and a stack of old cookbooks. If you want any of that you will have to move fast, as it’s going to be donated to charities and the library tomorrow.

I will have an eye to the comments and my email, so let me know if you want anything.

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