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DIY Project Day

Posted by on April 10, 2008

As Gene is just about done building me a new computer to replace my 1950s vintage laptop, I am getting serious about making space for my work in the house. (I considered just changing my career altogether to suit the apartment — become a TV repairman, say — but ultimately decided to stick with what I know.)

My dad helped me buy and transport a little oak desk that is small but fits perfectly into my corner of the dining room. And the smallness of the desk is actually good. It doesn’t permit a lot of clutter if I want to keep using my keyboard and mouse, which means I have to deal with paperwork as it comes up. Unfortunately, sometimes there’s stuff I can’t get to right away for whatever reason. Rather than piling it at the forgettable bottom of a paper stack, I wanted to buy this:

Memo clips


I could hang papers from it, and plus, so cute! But then I remembered that $15 is too much to pay for cute plastic farm animals (they stick you with shipping), so today I took a trip to Cliff’s to see what I could do about this on my own.

I bought four clips, four 3/4″ keyrings and a length of chain, for a total purchase price of $5.67:


I threaded the clips onto the rings, then threaded the rings at intervals along the chain. This lets the clips hang at the right angle so the papers will hang flat against the wall and I can see what they are.


Next step: put tiny nails into the shelf that runs along the top of the wall, so I can hook the chain over the nails. Note the marvelously girly tool chest. When I got my first non-dorm non-parent place, the Moms made sure I had a tool chest to take with me. She said every woman needs her own tool chest. The best part (for me) is that Gene somehow does not own his own hammer, so every time he needs to hammer something he has to go into the tool chest with the Disney princess stickers on it.


And voila! My very own paper hanging cord, which I made my very own self. Now all I need are the cute sparkly butterflies from Cliff’s that can be wrapped on either end to pretty it up and I will be so happy.


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