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Missed donut

Posted by on March 20, 2008

Every now and then I troll the missed connections, because if my public ever decides to speak to me I want to be there to listen. I was reading today because I’ve been unusually outside-the-house active this week and wondered if maybe someone noticed and wanted to buy me a donut. And also because Dianna’s recent post reminded me about it.

Imagine my excitement when I saw this headline:

Kristen L. – m4w

OMG! This is actually for me! A donut buyer! But then:

“You used to work at a restaurant that starts with A, maybe you still do. Trying to track you down to see if we can spend some time like we used to, but won’t put much about that here. Speak up and we’ll see”

Sigh. No donut for me.

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