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Our troubles are all the same

Posted by on February 26, 2008

I miss having an office sometimes. (Well, no. My offices were mostly not places anyone would miss. But my memory of working in an office has been replaced by episodes of The Office. I am nostalgic for that televised camaraderie that I rarely experienced in real life.)

I work with and for people, yet I have no colleagues. It’s weird. I want that mutual exhalation at the end of a hard day when everyone kicks back and drinks a $2 beer at the local. Failing that, I wish I had a regular crew that drank together. I don’t want pub night, I just want a bar I can walk to where we go every week and drink for a couple of hours together.


Or I want to drink a gin and tonic with fresh lime every summer night. If I can’t have friends then let the gin and tonic friend me.

Seriously, I wonder why we don’t see each other regularly. Shouldn’t we all be having brunch every Sunday or drinks every Thursday or dinner every Tuesday night? If I have to rely on a G&T to be my friend for all those meals I will be fucked. Up.

Nature’s best friends:


This is not my drink.

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