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It’s the headband one, right?

Posted by on February 3, 2008

Gene: Wanna watch First Blood?

Kris: No.

Gene: Do you know what it is?

Kris: No.

Gene: It’s the first Rambo movie. You have to see the first one or you can’t see the others.

Kris: I don’t really need to see them. I feel I know everything I need to know about Rambo.

Gene: Oh?

Kris: “Adriaaaaaaan!”

Gene: [chuckles]

Kris: [chuckles]

Gene: Are you kidding?

Kris: No?

Gene: That’s Rocky.

Kris: Well, whatever.

3 Responses to It’s the headband one, right?

  1. michele

    i haven’t seen rocky or rambo, yet i’m still a little shocked by your pop culture gaffe.

    you know what though? i’m right there with you on the whatever. i have no interest in those movies.

  2. sean

    The sad part is, all Rambo wanted was something to eat. Unfortunately, he has to deal with podunk police chief Brian Dennehy before he can go to a simple diner, whereas Rocky can drink a glass of raw eggs anytime he wants.

  3. Danny Dawson

    df: I am right there with you.

    When I get really frustrated, I’ll sometimes shake my fist towards Twin Peaks and shout “Suuuutttrroooo!”

    …but I didn’t know what movie I was mocking. I think I picked that up from the Simpsons’ musical episode.

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