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We gotta get outta this place

Posted by on February 1, 2008

What’s the point of having all this disposable income of Gene’s if we’re not going to take a trip? I ask you.

I want to take a big trip of course, but not until the weather warms up. So for now, I am looking at small trip options. Please chime in if you have thoughts about the following:

New York

Last time we were there I was tired of traveling and just wanted to lie in bed reading. This time I’d like to go and do all the stuff we didn’t get to do before. Plus, Ash is there now.



I’m lobbying hard for this. Disneyland is best with a group, so if you’re into Disneyland please speak up now.



One of my uncles has lived in Hawaii most of his life. He’s a hugely social guy who knows all kinds of people around the islands. He’s also got a boat. And he’s been telling us we should visit for awhile now.


I know these all seem like kind of obvious choices, and I’ve been all these places before. Still, we know people in all three destinations and none of them require a 10+ hour plane ride.

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Bring it.

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