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Pajama drama

Posted by on January 31, 2008

Every now and then my wardrobe starts to lag behind itself. I look at the sea of clothes in my closet and realize, for example, that all my underwear is three years old or more. That my jeans are going to rip if I think about them too hard. That no matter how many times you try it, a brown belt cannot be made to substitute for a black belt.

I have addressed most of these issues over the last few days, but I still have a problem with sleepwear. I have an over-stuffed drawer full of pajamas, but all my warm stuff is three sizes too big. I’ve been looking for new flannel PJs but nothing looks right.

Is it not possible to find flannel pajamas that are cute, fit right, have a pattern that doesn’t make you sick to look at, and cost under $50? All I want is something warm that doesn’t make me look like a nauseous whale when I wear it. Why is this so hard?

Suggestions are welcome. They are solicited. Bring on the suggestions.

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