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Some stuff I am glad about

Posted by on January 29, 2008

In the style of Mindy Kaling, here are a few things I’ve bought (or someone’s bought for me) that I love.

Cheap finds from Warehouse Deals

This is the online store where Amazon sells stuff that got slightly damaged in their warehouse. I got the complete set of The Thin Man movies for $11, and an MP3 player for $99 (marked down from $170). In both cases, the outside boxes were slightly scuffed from having been dropped, but nothing else was wrong with the merchandise.


Sandwiches from Ike’s Place

Only one thing was lacking to make the Castro the perfect neighborhood, and that was a high-quality sandwich shop. Now we have Ike’s merely two blocks from our house and I can’t shut up about it. Gene and I also can’t stop eating there; at this point Ike knows us by name. I have plugged Ike’s on every website I write for and dragged all my friends and family there. We love his food so much that we’ve become too embarrassed to eat there anymore. If only we could have another, crappier sandwich place where we could eat without shame, THEN this neighborhood would be perfect.


Coca-cola Polar Bears T-shirt

If you have seen me recently, you’ve probably seen me wearing my shirt with a picture of the Coke polar bears on it. It is super soft, exactly the right length, a flattering shade of blue and drapes perfectly. Michele bought me this shirt as a joke after I confessed that the Coke polar bears are so cute they actually make me want to drink Coke (bleh, I hate when marketing succeeds on me). But it is no joke to me now. This shirt is deadly serious, and seriously comfortable.


My Hamilton Beach 43253 Ensemble 12-Cup Coffeemaker

The Cadillac of coffee makers, the HB 43253 EC can make enough coffee for an entire dinner party at one time, unlike my previous three-cupper. It can also be set on a timer so that the coffee gets made ten minutes before my alarm goes off, and doesn’t take a half hour to heat up properly. Also, it is red. Pretty!


Get Fuzzy 2008 Desk Calendar

I would still be working in an office without a desk calendar. This is the only way I can keep track of my deadlines and portion out work in the days leading up to my deadlines, so I don’t wind up doing everything five minutes before it’s due. (Sometimes I do that anyway. But it’s carefully planned.) I like the Get Fuzzy calendar because the days have a lot of space to write in. Also, of course, I am a sucker for sassy talking animals.


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