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Unhappy ending

Posted by on January 28, 2008

I think maybe the massage chair at the nail salon fucked up my back. This has never happened before. But I was sitting in the chair about ten minutes longer than I usually do, and by the time I got up I was feeling like I’d overdone it a little. (Also, the chair had managed to undo my bra, a feat dozens if not tens of high school boys never accomplished.)

I was fine all day Saturday, the nail day, but on Sunday morning after I got up my back got bad very quickly, until I could only lay in bed popping pain pills while Gene brought me crackers.

A full day of lying medicated in bed seemed to help; I can move around and take deep breaths now, although the deep breaths still hurt. I think this will just continue to go away on its own. Meanwhile, ow.

Anyone else ever have this problem with a massage chair?

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