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The move

Posted by on November 15, 2007

Gene spent a lot of last night moving the CementHorizon email over to Gmail. This is a good move for a lot of reasons, but I admit it caused some problems in our house this morning.

Gene: So how are you doing with the email split?

Me: Huh?

Gene: Because your old email is at the old site, but the new email is coming in through Gmail?

Me: Oh…that’s why I’m not getting any email.

Gene: This was all in the instructions I sent out.

Me: …Yeah…I read those.

Gene: Uh huh.

Me: Hey, I can’t log in to the new email!

Gene: You have to use the password I sent in the instructions.

Me: Oh…

Gene: You didn’t read them at all, did you?

Me: I did, I did! And then I…accidentally deleted them.

Gene: Well, you can just —

Me: And purged my trash.

Gene: [Speechless for a minute.] Why?

Me: To make the move easier for you?

Gene: This is a microcosm of what I can expect from everyone, isn’t it.

Me: [hangs head]

Gene: Sigh.

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