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Posted by on October 24, 2007

The heat wave seems to be driving more bugs into the house, maybe because I’m leaving more windows open. Just this morning, for example, I noticed a spider crawling around on the floor near my workspace and neatly trapped it under a glass for Gene to deal with when he comes home from work.

Next month Gene is going out of town for a couple of weeks, and I am feeling grateful that we have so many water glasses. I imagine that by the time he comes home I will have built a small city of bug towers, where bugs live trapped beneath cups that I do not dare move in case they escape and creep me out. Maybe I’ll try to trap multiple bugs under the same glass and make little labels for them, like “Bug Library” and “Bug Saloon” and “Bug Dance Hall.” I can print out little screenshots from movies and tape them to the insides of the glass to make a bug cinema. Or I can make a tiny stethoscope out of a paper clip and a little EKG machine from a Christmas light and call that glass the bug hospital.

Or I guess I could just learn to kill my own bugs. But I think the bug city is more likely.

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