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FAA-gettabout it

Posted by on August 16, 2007

I just checked the FAA website to see whether I’m allowed to put nail scissors in my carry-on when I fly to San Diego today. That’s where we’re at now: nail scissors might be on the list of evil items.

It turns out you CAN carry nail scissors on now, though this is a new permission, or, as I like to think of it, a newly returned freedom. However, the list of things you can’t bring in your carry-on includes sabers, bows and arrows and spear guns.

Spear guns? Were those ever allowed on airplanes? Do they really have to list that on the site, like if they don’t there are people who will show up confidently toting their spear guns, ready to board?

The list also specifically mentions Transformers as an allowable carry-on item. Barbies are not addressed, although you can do serious damage with those spiky plastic shoes of hers.

You can find the list here. For all that I hate them and all they stand for, I must give them shouts and propers for an excellent website, easy to navigate, with a clear list of what you can and cannot bring on board an airplane. For a government site it’s remarkably clear.

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