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Beers for Fears

Posted by on April 3, 2007

I got liked on by a cute boy at Safeway today. I was wearing my most flattering dress, which might account for it, or perhaps he was admiring my choice of Safeway Select brand mayonnaise. “That is a thrifty girl,” he might have been thinking, “and thrift is totally hot.” At least I was not buying anything too embarrassing, like that one girl Sean liked on years ago.

I’ve lost my guydar, I think. He had to follow me to the fish counter, the bread shelves, the cheese bin and the checkout line before I noticed that his basket contained neither fish nor bread nor cheese and realized that perhaps he was following me for personal reasons. I did my best to avoid eye contact, staring studiously at the card-swiping device. “I’ve just GOT to get this card swiped on the first try,” I seemed to be thinking, and maybe making a mental pro/con list of getting cash back. Not until I had hastily stuffed my groceries into my backpack did I venture a half-smile, followed by immediate flight.

I did notice he was buying a lot of beer, which made me wonder if I only attract a certain type of guy now. Then I considered inviting him and his beer back to our place, where we have only one beer left, and concluded that I’ve actually become that type of guy. Cheers.

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