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Blogger has gotten funnier lately, but not that funny

Posted by on December 19, 2006

Local blogger K. Larson has broken an unfunny streak with two recent posts, both of which were reasonably amusing, her friends report.

“The thing about MUNI that she clearly invented, the quoting from Sherlock Holmes, and that one entry complaining about her phone service that she posted and then took down again right away, those weren’t really very good,” said an anonymous source. “But I like the two new ones pretty well.”

“I liked the story about getting drunk,” another source told reporters. “I’m not too sure about this spate of fake news articles though.”

A random poll of internet residents has indicated that in spite of the recent fluctuations in humor value, they are still willing to check out Larson’s page on days when Sean has not posted anything, or has written something technical about baseball.

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